Pai Gow Poker

The game Caribbean Stud Poker itself Well, let’s see what’s so attractive about. In real poker game participants play against each other. The casino, the bank if you will, gets its revenue from a surcharge on the buy in, or a percentage of the deposit, called the ‘rake’.

In Caribbean Stud Poker, however, you play against the bank itself, a very different starting point. Of course, the bank can take on multiple players simultaneously. It just goes to your hand against the dealer’s. What other players in their hands as individual participant, not important.

Miss Another important difference is that you build your hand at poker, but at Caribbean Stud Poker you get the whole set of five cards at once. The method of betting is bound to fixed rules and actually makes that it is not a game of large fluctuations.

The attraction is in the jackpot, which can be up firmly. You can be outside the ordinary bet play the jackpot, where you have a certain amount ‘in the pot’ stops at every hand.

For a given combination that can be pot or a portion thereof to win. It goes without saying that this online especially is very attractive because there is then contribute a lot of participants in the jackpot.

As a first move each player ante, a kind of basic bet so. It does not everyone to be equal, but that balance depends on the house rules. Any additional commitment to the jackpot in any case be the same everyone. When all players have placed their ante everybody gets five cards are dealt, even the bank itself.

However, the bank puts the bottom card open and if the players have seen their cards, they can decide whether they fit or continue playing. The players are obviously fit the ante lost play by them then they should double the ante, the “call bet” called.

If anyone has involved the propositions the dealer turns over his cards and places them in order, because a little order can not hurt. If the dealer does not have AK or better in the hand down, then there is a ‘no hand’.

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